Monday, August 15, 2005

*Bape Chicken Nugget E-bay Auction

Hello and welcome! You are lookin at a SUPER RARE! MUCH HYPED! AND EXTREEMLY HARD TO FIND................................... BAPE STA CHICKEN NUGGET! That's right dumb ass! you didnt read it wrong it's really a BAPE NUGGET! HOW DID I GET IT YOU ASK? Well the story behind this amazing auction is this. Well as you have heard there is alot of hype around anything BAPE and why not? who wouldent wanna pay $300+ for a pair of shoes or $1,000 for a pair of jeans!...........I KNOW I DO! So I get a call letting me know of a quickstrike that I had to jump on. So I called a few of my boys and asked if I could get a ride since all I have is a mini bike (it get's the honey dips son!) and it was low on gas and I didnt wanna look like a herb with Moms driving me, So I called my boy cause he rolls a 91' Ford Festiva (again...get's the Honey Dip's) and he had a 1/4 tank of gas so he asks me "how early do you think we should line up!?" I told him "with the amount of hype of this we should go atleast 3! maybe 12hours!!! early if we wanna get our hands on some hot nuggets"......and I cant tell you how much me and my friend Love Nuggets! So I tell my boy to get the ride and come scoop me, At this time I go into my closet and check out what fresh gear I had to wear for the wait in line......everyone knows how important it is to break necks in line! na mean? plus I gotta look good for Honey Dudes...I mean DIPS!! So we roll past the block just to check out the line.....and it was all the way to the Bestbuy! so I yell "drop me off! drop me off! ill hold your spot!....omg I knew we should have come sooner!" As I go to the front of the line I get mad stares cause I got some Starter Shell Toes on.......along with my custom Jay-z shirt that Moms made for me(Iron on's playa....get your shirt game up!) with my New Era X Pizza hut visor on Now I wait and wait untill the Burger King guy come out and says "Where gonna be giving out numberd Ketchup packets to make your place in line" I start thinking this could be a good thing since I was late getting there after a nice night of table tennis with the boys I got a mean back hand fo dem ho's.......allll day! So we wait till about 8:currty and they start handing out packets and me and my boy get #45 and #68.....DAYM! From what I hear is they only had like 40 so I was pissed, but we waited to see if a few people got there credit card declined and we would get it with the #45 packet Well the doors open and I can just smell thoes Deadstock Nuggets (did I say how much I love nuggets?) as we wait to see what happends we see the man himself walk in! Nigo Bape!!!!! with a gang of Nuggets in his mouth! I was thinking to myself "I wish I had that many nuggets to put in my mouth!" NOW THE TIME COMES! we get to the front of the line and the BK guy says "Im sorry we are all outta Bape nuggets, but we do have our new chicken fries!" WTF!!!!!! Chicken fries!! who the %$#@ makes chicken fires anyway!!! As I turn Around to storm outta the store I feel a hand....It was NIGO!!! "Hey like my nuggets that much huh?"........"OF COURSE, I WAITED ALL NIGHT JUST TO HAVE YOUR HOT NUGGETS IN MY MOUTH"......"here playboy hold out your hand" And guess what? he put his nuggets in my hand!!!.....HIS NUGGETS!! then he said "you got soft hands homieeeee.......that's nice" I got a lil exited and ran off with My nugget in hand. I was so exited all the way home so I could take pix i would never ever sell this since it means so much to me, but I heard to VALUE has gone so far up I have to re-sell it...........My loss your gain........"GET MY NUGGETS"
Seller : onhollowedground2121 ( 44)