Thursday, August 11, 2005


*The new and improved Alife, feature on Being Hunted.

*Glam Nation. - Art work by Dennis Chow.

*Vintage Gear Addicts. - Home of the Polo-ricans.

*The R.Kelly Chapter Notes.

*Best of NBA fights.

*Edan new album + interview.

*Funny Fight.

*2 Live Crew videos.

*Lupe Fiasco downloadables and here.

*Buck 65 interview.

*C-Rayz Walz 'Blackout'.

*PFAC - Lets Get Serious. this stuff is great.

*For all your Hip Hop news e-mail Fabel RSC Zulu @ for weekly up dates.

*Rob Whiskey & Jay Everyday: Toronto cats to look out for...