Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm Back From The Virus Attack

*The Irak crew has a new site.

*Witness the fitness (dj) Mark Ronson gets buzzy mash-up styles. 2 hour mix. -audio

*Lupe Fiasco's first single 'Kick Push' - a skater type anthem. -audio

*Love what these guys are doing, re-inventing a golden era.- Skoold In Korectnuss.

*Hannon-Shop's incoming products.

*Some fresh Bape X Marvel tees, found on Hype Beast.

*Essense once again up on the fashions.

*Love this track, Cam'ron and Kanye's "Down and Out" -video

*A good little read can be found @ Mr. Kamoji.

*A whole bunch of crazy dope Z-Trip mixes. -audio

*Some of Kanye's new joints. and on the cover of Time Magazine. -audio

*Crewest Gallery -Boyz On The Hood - featuring artwork by Asylm, Chaz Boroquez, Logan Hicks, Man One, Marka27, Victor Sepulveda, Vyal and Zoueh.