Friday, August 19, 2005

Playa, Play On...

*Poplicks -by the famous O-Dub.

*Lupe Fiasco's "Muhammad Walks". -Lupe appears on Kanye West's new album, the track is called "Touch the Sky". Heres the dirt on Lupe's signing and his label.

*416 GRAFF EXPO - this weekend Aug 20-21, Queen St. W @ Portland.

*Start your own audio blog.

*Whatevs dot org.

*Check out my boy dj Kobal from Montreal.

*Fountain of Youth?

*Corpus. Fresh digs out of LA.

*WeFunkRadio - dj Static and Professor Groove live every Friday night.

*Reason N.Y.C. -love the Dip Set x Ramones tee.

*Got Kicks? Vintage Kicks the online version of Flight Club, & Chapter World.

*Got Know1edge?

*You probably already know about these guys. For just about all your online audio needs -Turntablelab,Play De Record, Sandbox Automatic, Vinyl Exchange, Root Down Records, Acrtic, TSL, The Breaks, Label Scans, Dusty Groove, Get Up, Afro Cuban Sounds, Victor Kiswell, What Music, The Jazz Discography, Other, Score Baby, Funk Food Family, Funky 45, Blaxploitation, Beats 29 and Gold Soul...

*Can't Stop Won't Stop - the book, blog and Jeff Chang.

*The Pacific Standard. -why f*ck around?

*TrainerSpotter.- dope gear.

*Straight out of Leaside! Johnny Crack and crew are back with a new site L-Side Ent. 'Always on a dime, always smoke'n a dime...'