Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here We Go...

This is the week where alternative fashion week is going down. I want to thank all the dj's who came through for me to assist with the tunes; Alex G. Party (Parkdales' Finest), Micheal J. Brown (London connection), the turntablist dj Sawtay, Rory Them Finest (www.themfinest.com), the notorious digger and general nice guy Jun "I'll name any sample" Diaz, Liem Bui (special thanks for coming through) and dj/illustrator Shingo shimizu. more to come... Thank yous go out to dj Serious and dj Fathom, who are spinning tonight w/ graff-artists Press Pause, SMER, Bwaloe and Dennis Chow (www.glamnation.ca) - there is a live to air from Gypsy Co-op, located Queen W. 2/3 blocks past Bathurst on the south side. I don't know what to expect exactly, but with booze and sexy females I'm sure things will come off correctly...
The creative custome kicks courtesy of Lazy...
Found this cat the other day and am happy say that the Baltimore Beat/Go-Go/Electro is having a relival - Disco D heres a little taste of what this guys all about... He will be playing some up coming Oxy Cottontail parties.
If you are unfamiliar with Baltimore Beat/Go-Go heres a short documentary on what it all about. A Ruben. FM creation entitled Ghetto Tracks.
Lace Magazine out of Germany wants all y'all (as Oprah would say) to send in flix of yourself and your kicks to get published in their zine - so that they can give you free sh*t?
I want to show love to the I Love Neon boys in Montreal who have been throwing some serious parties for a while and if i understand correctly are going international real soon. For any details contact Birdman at matt@iloveneon.ca . Their space. Go to electro dj Jordan Dare.
Mash-ups have been the choice of dj's of late who want to keep the dance floor interesting and The Rub have been the go to guys. dj Ayers, Cosmo Baker and dj Eleven. The mash-up of choice is the ODB 'Shimmember' tribute. -MP3.
For all the street bombers Krink now comes in black.
Congratulations to TCHAD magazine on a successful launch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Check out the Gil Reynolds' photography site. I was chill'n with this dood all day today and he was the funniest character I've met in a long time. This is some of his other work. So he has just moved back to Toronto from England and is hungry to get busy, so get at him. gil@gilreynolds.com
Site of the minute is, Crunk and Disorderly! - get your Hip Hop gossip straight. The man has his ear to the ground.
Goodfoot is having a Swap-n-Shop on Sept 25&26, 12-6pm. Flyer.
DJ Spinbad's site has some great running mixes. - Quality
Infamy - a graffiti documentary by Doug Pray who brought you Scratch, delves into the lives of seven writters. SABER, EARSNOT, CLAW, ENEM, TOOMER, JASE and Joe 'the graffiti guerilla' Connolly. ResFest Toronto dates. Infamy Trailor.
The Best Reebok to date - Ventilator.
Wooster Collective. A Celebration of Street Art.
And for all the snowboards stuck in Ontario, here is the Blue Mountain season pass breakdown.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Supreme - some new gear.

Polo stadium track jacket.
Shawn Mortensen flix of the Zapatista.
Polo stadium inspired.
World Famous tukes.

Rammellzee crafted fitted hats.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

*Akai MPC 2500 - click photos to enlarge

On the topic of production, the latest project from Pharrell Williams is the album called "In My Mind" under the moniker Skate Board P. Release date is November-ish.
Other albums of note is the new Casual album called "Smash Rockwell", the greatest hits release by Royal Flush called "Street Boss", Little Brother's "The Minstrel Show", another Rob Swift solo joint "Wargames", dj Muggs and dj Warrior's "Mash Up Radio Vol. 2, "Blackalicious' "The Craft" and the over remixed Black Album takes on a new life, care of Paul Nice, which is actually real nice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Clientele X DVS "Dough Boy"

4 dope customs from the infamous Methamphibian x Sabotage boys. These are deemed the East vs .West / Divide & Conquer series. The best thing about these preview flix is that they are the first of many to come, so keep and eye pealed. Found on NT.
Blockhead the producer of the early Aesop Rock albums is coming out with a new album in October. As a follow-up to "Expiration date" this will be an instrumental album on Ninja Tune Records and from all accounts its very tight.
Heres a site that posts Japanese tv commercials with North American actors. The Arnold commercial was taken down after the governor threatened law suit.
New York fashion week, spring 2006 gear.
And not to forget Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week is approaching. Sept 28th - Oct 2nd.
+41 and Blondel have some sort of chocolate sneaker party.
Beautiful Struggle is organizing the Thousand Word Project based upon the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals as a means of uniting the world's communities through an international mural initiative.
Ubiq custom Reeboks.

*George Clinton - Sept 27th @ Docks

Monday, September 12, 2005

*Just For Kicks -the movie

The first documentary on one of pop culture's biggest phenomena, Just for Kicks charts the athletic footwear fetish from sneakers' early adoption by the style warriors of 1970s New York City to their status today as a de facto apparel of choice for an entire generation. The film looks closely at the $26 billion industry engendered by this fashion choice, and the hip-hop community that helped popularize it. From Run-DMC's role in catapulting Adidas into the consciousness of global youth culture to Nike's visionary marketing strategies targeting urban populations worldwide, Just for Kicks turns interviews with personalities like hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and urban culture chronicler Henry Chalfant, as well as an assortment of sneaker freaks, music legends, break-dancing greats and product designers into an entertaining exposition on the history of the world's most popular form of footwear. (Text taken from resfest website.)
Don't know what these are called, but they are apart of the 2006 sb managers line. More flix at NikeTalk.

*Ecko Complex Magazine - Sneaks, Beats and Life...

Check out this months issue of Ecko Complex, the one with KanYe West on the cover. The mag covers the weekly I use to do in Montreal called Sneaks, Beats and Life. The night was Toddy Flores a.k.a. Kid K.I.C.K.S, Aceiks a.k.a. Al Bundy and me Homeboy Automatic. The night was sponsored through Good Foot where we all worked and was dedicated to our love of sneakers and our mutual love of music. The night is still kick'n just minus me.
Other sneaker links Charlie's sneaker page and Lori's Female Sneaker Fiend. -Quality Control.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

*Lupe Fiasco Dunk 2 (STREET0404 X 1ST & 15TH RECORDS™) -click photos to enlarge

Thursday, September 08, 2005

*Lupe Fiasco Dunk 1 (STREET0404 X 1ST & 15TH RECORDS™) - click photos to enlarge

Saturday, September 03, 2005

"George Bush dosen't care about black people!" - Kanye West

Heres Kanye West speaking his mind about what is really happening in the South. In an emotional release Kanye via NBC and Red Cross (to donate/volunteer) had this to say. -video

Friday, September 02, 2005

*Huf - Nike Trainer 1-SB

These are the 'Gold Diggers' created by the minds @ Huf. The colour way is inspired by the 49ers and yes, they are SB, whoa! More flix can be found @ Hype Beast. Drop date November'ish. Seems like Nike is allowing the SB line to explore new territory.
Heres some random sneaker stuff -Pair-o-deez make a match and get informed, Ian's lace dem propa site and the necessary sneaker savers.
Various flix from the Magic show in Vagas - Suite 2206 coverage of the Retail Mafia's jam, The Hundreds' coverage of the event and friends and Fatsarazzi's R3CON coverage - blk & wht and color.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Big Tunes

*Mr. T and Me.

*Get your bling right. The beautiful Jules Bijules, the classic Kel 1st, and the sneaker dood Gabriel Urist.

*A Low-Bee crunk mix, of the Hollertronix fame. -audio

*Find just about any online video.

*Mr. Kamoji's thoughts on the Hipster as the White Negro.

*The Island City Monsters - Montreal's finest.

*Vice Magazine's 156 10 out of 10 ladiez.

*Straight gangster, unadulteratd gang violence video game style. 187: Ride or Die.

*Independant Hip Hop for insomniacs- Coffee Break Radio.

*Raekwon's live version of 'c.r.e.a.m.' -video

*Just 2 Guyz - Yo they can rap! -Funny homemade video.