Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Check out the Gil Reynolds' photography site. I was chill'n with this dood all day today and he was the funniest character I've met in a long time. This is some of his other work. So he has just moved back to Toronto from England and is hungry to get busy, so get at him. gil@gilreynolds.com
Site of the minute is, Crunk and Disorderly! - get your Hip Hop gossip straight. The man has his ear to the ground.
Goodfoot is having a Swap-n-Shop on Sept 25&26, 12-6pm. Flyer.
DJ Spinbad's site has some great running mixes. - Quality
Infamy - a graffiti documentary by Doug Pray who brought you Scratch, delves into the lives of seven writters. SABER, EARSNOT, CLAW, ENEM, TOOMER, JASE and Joe 'the graffiti guerilla' Connolly. ResFest Toronto dates. Infamy Trailor.
The Best Reebok to date - Ventilator.
Wooster Collective. A Celebration of Street Art.
And for all the snowboards stuck in Ontario, here is the Blue Mountain season pass breakdown.