Thursday, September 01, 2005

Big Tunes

*Mr. T and Me.

*Get your bling right. The beautiful Jules Bijules, the classic Kel 1st, and the sneaker dood Gabriel Urist.

*A Low-Bee crunk mix, of the Hollertronix fame. -audio

*Find just about any online video.

*Mr. Kamoji's thoughts on the Hipster as the White Negro.

*The Island City Monsters - Montreal's finest.

*Vice Magazine's 156 10 out of 10 ladiez.

*Straight gangster, unadulteratd gang violence video game style. 187: Ride or Die.

*Independant Hip Hop for insomniacs- Coffee Break Radio.

*Raekwon's live version of 'c.r.e.a.m.' -video

*Just 2 Guyz - Yo they can rap! -Funny homemade video.