Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Clientele X DVS "Dough Boy"

4 dope customs from the infamous Methamphibian x Sabotage boys. These are deemed the East vs .West / Divide & Conquer series. The best thing about these preview flix is that they are the first of many to come, so keep and eye pealed. Found on NT.
Blockhead the producer of the early Aesop Rock albums is coming out with a new album in October. As a follow-up to "Expiration date" this will be an instrumental album on Ninja Tune Records and from all accounts its very tight.
Heres a site that posts Japanese tv commercials with North American actors. The Arnold commercial was taken down after the governor threatened law suit.
New York fashion week, spring 2006 gear.
And not to forget Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week is approaching. Sept 28th - Oct 2nd.
+41 and Blondel have some sort of chocolate sneaker party.
Beautiful Struggle is organizing the Thousand Word Project based upon the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals as a means of uniting the world's communities through an international mural initiative.
Ubiq custom Reeboks.