Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here We Go...

This is the week where alternative fashion week is going down. I want to thank all the dj's who came through for me to assist with the tunes; Alex G. Party (Parkdales' Finest), Micheal J. Brown (London connection), the turntablist dj Sawtay, Rory Them Finest (www.themfinest.com), the notorious digger and general nice guy Jun "I'll name any sample" Diaz, Liem Bui (special thanks for coming through) and dj/illustrator Shingo shimizu. more to come... Thank yous go out to dj Serious and dj Fathom, who are spinning tonight w/ graff-artists Press Pause, SMER, Bwaloe and Dennis Chow (www.glamnation.ca) - there is a live to air from Gypsy Co-op, located Queen W. 2/3 blocks past Bathurst on the south side. I don't know what to expect exactly, but with booze and sexy females I'm sure things will come off correctly...
The creative custome kicks courtesy of Lazy...
Found this cat the other day and am happy say that the Baltimore Beat/Go-Go/Electro is having a relival - Disco D heres a little taste of what this guys all about... He will be playing some up coming Oxy Cottontail parties.
If you are unfamiliar with Baltimore Beat/Go-Go heres a short documentary on what it all about. A Ruben. FM creation entitled Ghetto Tracks.
Lace Magazine out of Germany wants all y'all (as Oprah would say) to send in flix of yourself and your kicks to get published in their zine - so that they can give you free sh*t?
I want to show love to the I Love Neon boys in Montreal who have been throwing some serious parties for a while and if i understand correctly are going international real soon. For any details contact Birdman at matt@iloveneon.ca . Their space. Go to electro dj Jordan Dare.
Mash-ups have been the choice of dj's of late who want to keep the dance floor interesting and The Rub have been the go to guys. dj Ayers, Cosmo Baker and dj Eleven. The mash-up of choice is the ODB 'Shimmember' tribute. -MP3.
For all the street bombers Krink now comes in black.
Congratulations to TCHAD magazine on a successful launch.