Monday, October 31, 2005

My girl Tina and The Biz...
*The Just For Kicks premier was this Friday in Toronto. It kinda looked like this, but in Toronto...
*The Rich Jerk.
*Limited Edition is bull sh*t. In my humble opinion this term has been used and abused. Read.
*Cam'ron getting cap'd for his wip... "I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22," Giles said as he left Howard University Hospital yesterday afternoon with an entourage of friends, fellow rappers and bodyguards. Dip Set, Dip Set...
*El Producto's space... and a rock group out of France which he produced a track for: Syd Matters... Super Duty Tough Sh*t/ Or No Sh*t At All...
*Tron Guy is for real...
*Shonuffffffff.... blog of the minute...
*Aesop Rock's space... Fast Cars...
*Tyra Banks or Paris Hilton?????
*The actual cost of the Iraq War second by second. When this was posted it was at $216,263,400,365. whoa!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

*Site of the week goes to RKF (RighteousKungFu)
*Inquiring Mind got the second installment from Lupe Fiasco - you can follow this man's rise to the top. As well as the new gear promo-style from Skoold in Korectnuss.
*Crunk and Disorderly...again...
*The next Flores to break bread thats other than Jojo, Toddy, Sam is now David Flores. He's been around for a while and most will recognize his art from working with Stussy and various art gallery events. The 'Strong Hold' stays strong...
*Alife has a sale going on selected items. 30 to 70% off - Nov 3-6.
*For all those who were involved in alternative fashion week there is a free booze party tonight. Call or e-mail for details.
*Capsule is now in Yorkville (Toronto). -Visvim, J-Money, UNDFTD tees, assortment of Nikes, Surrender and more...
*I'm happy to say the 'Music Box' party went off well. Big thanks to my man Oz from Reset for the passes and free Heinekens. Dj's were Justice, Rory Them Finest and Pedro Winter. Every Thursday nights @ State Theatre (69 Bathurst St.) - Next week its dj T (Get Physical, Berlin) and the following week Oct 29. Morgan Giest (Environ, New Jersy) - though this party will be in a secret loft which will be released closer to the kick off date or call 416 655 9951 for details. ALL DETAILS HERE.
*If you are in the Montreal area Tuesdays @ Blizzards will have my man Toddy Flores and dj Tron spinning and Fridays at the same venue has dj Kobal and friends bringing the out the 45s and other rare jems.
*A new book by Micheal Jordan and Tinker Hatfield entitled 'Driven From Within'. - Its seems to be about Jordan's understanding of being successfull in the world of basketball then applying the same mental toughness in the world of business. Stories and insights into the world of number 23 from his own perspective. (Thanks Alain.)
*A great music blog to check out is *ADORU (hot sh*t making me bouce)!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Original Disc Jockey

*Thomas Edison the inventor of the phonograph. -video
*Mighty Healthy's new offerings.
*A great ALIFE feature on FreshnessMag - 'Premium Branded Goods'
*Rammellzee interview - Gothic Futurism for your ass.
*Ever wonder how Rev Run, runs his house? Now you will never have to. - MTV
*Al Cabino a Canadian cat sent me this - chocolate sneakers which are being sold at Colette. Bring your Visa because these kicks are Priceless.

Monday, October 17, 2005

*Nasty Nas

*Find out whats happening in Iraq from the front lines -Iraq Blog Count. Read the words of the soldiers themselves.
*Alife Rivington Club. ARC
*Al Bundy is in the game.
*Skateboard P with Gwen - "Can I Have It Like That" -video
*Great info - Kookies. Looks like Bape is making their own Air Max 90 knock-off, possibly?
*Sneaker Pimps in Montreal this weekend...
*Montreal's Euphrates (Narcy and Butta Beats) banned in the U.S.A. for their beliefs on the Iraq war. - Read - Audio -Davey D calls them the most political group since Public Enemy, whoa...
*Davey D interviews Easy-E's son Lil Easy-E. 'Real Talk'

Thursday, October 13, 2005

*Inquiring Mind drops the day to day of the next big thing in hip hop - Lupe Fiasco...
*80 Blocks From Tiffany's - a rugged documentary worth watching.
*Nike ID is doing some big things with introducing the Air Baltoro into the mix. The best thing about this ID is that there are so many 'good' options unlike previous posts. Reminiscent of the 180 limited ID release. The Vengeance is looking good as well.
*Cartel Goods is dropping soon and is housing some great threads.
*PARISHIL Co-Laborations. - a design firm with a strong esthetics.
*Brian Cleaver takes good flix.
*Party at the Beaconsfeild this friday w/ djs Sawtay & Jun.
*Sneaker Pimps -Toronto- this Friday & Saturday @ Spin Gallery.
*All the new Stussy gear has dropped at Uncle Otis - details.
*The White Giraffe.
*The reworking of old Hanna-Barbera cartoon Sealab 2020 has been flip and is now Sealab 2021, new voice overs and weekly adventures, takes a little time to get into, but well worth the laugh.
*How can I be down?
*FEMA raps for the kids. werd.
*The 12 Ounce Prophets are back with the A.K.A project.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Jean-Michel Basquiat

1,500 pairs care of Reebok deemed the Reeboppers, other colour ways to come. This shoe is actually put togther quite well and with the attention to the art work - well worth the hunt.
Heres a jem from past, Kid Rock circa 1990 produced by Too $hort - Wax The Booty (Jive). Found on b side wins again.
Bully Records are doing big things out of Montreal. This one man show has put out many (?) releases since 2002 and has just released a new P-Love cd/lp and from what I have heard of these instrumentals its definitely worth coping. Things of note: all art work is hand silk screened and released in limited runs...
*Streetwear Today magazine.
* - tutorials.
*Bomb The System has an original score care of El-P.
*Big things to come from Inquiring Mind.
*Diddy Wah - Where Everything Is Free. - Great Music Blog.
*Sneaker Pimps' little movie about coming to Canada...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The next big thing out of the U.K. is Lady Sovereign, this shortee can spit and with beats from the Beastie Boys, Basement Jaxx and Solid Groove Crew to name a few, she will move dance floors. With some 12s out and an ep and album coming accross the pond 'Random' is the track for me, I'm digg'n the prison-phone verse by Riko.
I'll be spinning at the OCAD open house party this thursday (Oct 6th), 'Look Inside' as an exposure of the school to the city.
Friday (Oct 7th) night I'll be in Montreal spinning at the ICM party 'Heads Connect' @ Le Swimming on St. Lawrent.
Mr. Kamoji has the Little Brother album on blog radio, worth checking.
Sneaker Pimps are coming to the Great North real soon: Toronto - Oct 14th @ Spin Gallery, Montreal - Oct 21st @ Nest, Vancouver - 11th Oct @ Silk Haus (this date may be wrong).
Alife store via Van City.
The man, Soulman has a new site and he is an encyclopedia of music as well as a human archive of classic - material. Soon to be posted unreleased tracks from Phill Most Chill - super rare tape-pause-tapes.
An album compilation to look out for is The Sound of Young New York and Toronto on Plant Records compiled by Dominique Keegan.