Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The next big thing out of the U.K. is Lady Sovereign, this shortee can spit and with beats from the Beastie Boys, Basement Jaxx and Solid Groove Crew to name a few, she will move dance floors. With some 12s out and an ep and album coming accross the pond 'Random' is the track for me, I'm digg'n the prison-phone verse by Riko.
I'll be spinning at the OCAD open house party this thursday (Oct 6th), 'Look Inside' as an exposure of the school to the city.
Friday (Oct 7th) night I'll be in Montreal spinning at the ICM party 'Heads Connect' @ Le Swimming on St. Lawrent.
Mr. Kamoji has the Little Brother album on blog radio, worth checking.
Sneaker Pimps are coming to the Great North real soon: Toronto - Oct 14th @ Spin Gallery, Montreal - Oct 21st @ Nest, Vancouver - 11th Oct @ Silk Haus (this date may be wrong).
Alife store via Van City.
The man, Soulman has a new site and he is an encyclopedia of music as well as a human archive of classic - material. Soon to be posted unreleased tracks from Phill Most Chill - super rare tape-pause-tapes.
An album compilation to look out for is The Sound of Young New York and Toronto on Plant Records compiled by Dominique Keegan.