Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Buzy Time Of Year...

Cam' goes for that Mr.T look.
*Turntable Lab has open a location in L.A. this month. These guys have done big things, from once starting out of their bedrooms in Brooklyn, they have gone global and coastal.
*A-Ron openned the aNYthing - Gangstore this week. site.
*Roger Gastman and Shepard Fairey have a new venture of their own Swindle Magazine, a Quartely of Culture.
*Beautiful Hustle - gets Love for the Lupe Fiasco feature a while back.
*The Brown Babies from L.A. hit the scene and these girls are on fuego! Heres there site.
*The Young Entrepreneurs group.
Kanye has to win or he's 'gonna have a problem with that'. Plus this album has him $600g's in the hole.
Thats all I got...